A popular song from the sixties was entitled Seven Little Girls Sitting In the Backseat and the chorus had it right even back then before driver distractions were under consideration.

The chorus girls had it right - Pay attention to your driving and keep us safe. Do not get distracted by any back seat activities.

A more modern version of this song could discuss texting or phoning but the chorus remains the same about keeping your mind on your driving. Cars today have multiple distractions and even the speed of travel has increased in many jurisdictions Manitoba has several highways with speed limit of 110 and many American states are at 120 At these speeds you are covering a lot of ground in a very short period of time If you are driving distracted then you may have very little knowledge of how far you have actually gone and what is happening out there in traffic.

Drivers need to be aware of all conditions and not get lost in various distractions. Like the song says - Keep your mind on your driving.