TADD (formerly known as Teens Against Drinking and Driving) was established in 1986 as a non profit organization designed to motivate high school students to take a stand against impaired driving. A graduating student from Swan Lake, Manitoba motivated us at Safe Grad to establish a program for younger students at his high school. His comment was that he was happy that Safe Grad kept him safe at his graduation event, but he was concerned for his younger brother who was starting high school and drinking and driving often occurred at weekend parties in his community. TADD was set up that summer to educate students about the number one cause of death in our youth and to inspire them to work together to eliminate drinking and driving. Since 2012, TADD has included distracted driving in it's program as some authorities believe that distracted driving has surpassed drinking and driving as the number one cause of injury and death in our youth. Some chapters now use the term Teens Against Destructive Decisions. TADD will continue to work with our high schools to include both topics in our program. Manitoba Public Insurance (MPI) has been a major financial supporter of TADD and Safe Grad in Manitoba.


The TADD Manitoba Blog is where you can chat with your peers about current distracted driving issues in the community. Throughout the school year new blog topics will be posted and you'll immediately be able to start conversing with your peers on hot button topics and issues. If you have an idea that may make a great TADD Blog topic please send it in using the contact form below.



If your school is hosting a TADD event we would love to add it to our calendar. No matter how big or small, all events are welcome. All you have to do is use the contact form and send in your calendar request. A few examples of possible events you might want to add could be an Assembly, Public Speaker, Special Lunch or Fundraiser to name a few.